Low water levels
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Low water levels

A message to all members and day ticket anglers.  Water levels in the ponds are at an all time low and water temperatures are very high.  These conditions can cause fish to stress.  The club has decided the following 3 measures;

  1.  The all night match planned to take place on Saturday 13th has been postponed.  A new date will be announced as soon as possible.
  2. Keepnets should not be used on any NAFA waters until further notice.
  3. No prebaiting should take place until further notice.  i.e no bait should be introduced to a swim that you do not intend to immediately fish.  No excess bait should be thrown into lakes at the end of a session.  Please take it home.  Please bait sensibly for the conditions when actually fishing.

We hope everyone can see that the club is taking a cautious approach in order to preserve valuable fish stocks.  we will keep you informed ofany changes.


Ian Powell on behalf of the committee